Unexpected Fantasy

by natha2

“Woman live design contest by Sudsapda and cc double o”
has finished for long time. It was so hard for me to design different of girl styles
which styles are feminine, chic, sport, adventure, and smart
for just one collection moreover there must be American vintage style.
For cc double o girls have to love adventures at forests and mountains
so I was specially inspired by this to adventure at sky
i hope it will be more  special enough for other to desire my collection.


“Digital printed” : Sport look

“Digital printed” : Chic look

“Digital printed” : Smart look


Look1 : Sport look

Look2: Chic look

Look3 : Adventure Look

Look4: Smart Look

Look5: Feminine look

CC doubleO   backstage

Thanks  Petchiiez,Timotiae,  Pam, Aom ,Pink 🙂

In the end I got popular vote award  , Best of Character : Feminine and Best of Character :Adventure

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